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Interference with site operations or the actions of a Moderator or other site staff including, but limited to, harassing site Moderators or other site staff for actions taken in the line of duty or inciting others to violate the TOS. The first is the Throat point. The large white radish indigenous to parts of China has long been called “little ginseng” for its curative powers. When there are Qi blockages, too much or too little qi, there is an imbalance which can lead to disharmony and disease. Hence, to differentiate pathogeneses, organ condition and situation are the keys of diagnosis. The common cold is a mild and self-limiting disease and does not have the proven effective intervention. A branch from the Gall Bladder channel reaches the middle of the ear and comes out in front of the ear.

I’ve got a more articles and resources for the common cold, and even a Cold Recovery and Prevention – Chinese Reflexology Self Study Guide that includes videos you can watch and how to adapt these techniques for children. Too little exercise may also result in stagnation of Qi and Blood. Medications which are supposed to cure me cause another health problem?! That’s why it took us about a thousand years to discover Chinese food. I keep Ilex 15 on hand throughout the year and have bottles at home, at work, in my car and in my daypack. It’s hard to understand why it would take the West so long to discover them. Physical trauma or inappropriate facial surgery may directly damage the channels and muscles leading to stagnation of Qi and Blood, and causing pain.

While many areas of the body may be affected, the pain tends to remain in those places. At Mysko Acupuncture Clinic when using Chinese Herbs, we will design a specific formulation for an individual patients need, which might be changed frequently over a course of treatment. The remedy should aim to warm and unblock the meridians, loosen the tendons and relieve pain in the legs. —    Acute sharp tooth pain with a cold sensation, accompanied by External symptoms, such as an aversion to cold, slight fever, muscle pain, absence of thirst, is usually caused by invasion of Wind-Cold. So depending on the imbalance in a person’s energy depends on which herbal combination is used. The root cause of pain can be either an Excess (Shi) pattern or a Deficiency (Xu) pattern. Night Sweating: Is usually the manifestation of yin deficiency, accompanied by tidal fever, flushed malar, red tongue proper with scanty coating, thready and rapid pulse.

There can also be acid reflux, poor appetite, irregular bowel movements, and this type of ache will be relieved by having a bowel movement. Red wine steamed egg: boil 25ml red wine, once alcohol vapour has cleared from the boiled wine, break an egg into the wine and stir the mixture up. Abdominal pain which is acute and severe. Qi can be described as energy, material force, electromagnetic current, matter, ether, vital force, or life force. Also, apparently, dumb. There are actually two Chinese Reflexology points that I use for natural sore throat relief. Magnolia flower (xin yi hua) and xanthium (cang er zi) unblock the nasal passages, and along with Angelica (bai zhi) and wild chrysanthemum increase the efficacy of this formula for entering the nasal passages and clearing sinus congestion.

In contrast, overconsumption of raw and cold food causes Cold-Damp to form in the Spleen and Stomach so that, instead of sending Qi and Blood to the eye, the Spleen sends Damp-Phlegm, Damp-Heat, or Cold-Damp up to the eye. Stagnation is the most important thing to treat when dealing with painful menstruation. Nerve Pain In Foot After Back Surgery Of To Body Lower Front Radiating – Both back pain and renal colicky will be felt in the back of the body. Po Sum On Oil provides effective treatment for chest discomfort from coughing, itching from insect bites, joint and muscle aches, motion sickness, rheumatic pains, and stomach ache caused by chills. Kidney Qi and Yang Deficiency and Stagnation Dribbling after urination, incomplete urination, sore low back and knees, cold extremities, frequent urination, unfirm erection and pain. Your body’s bones and marrow are governed by your Kidney. MSG has become an important additive for the food industry because it often allows the use of lower quality or less fresh ingredients without compromising reported flavor.

Dryness, both internal and external, can affect the lungs creating symptoms such as dry throat, cough, and dry skin (the Lungs control the skin). And no work meant no food on the table. The lasting time can be a few seconds to over fifteen minutes. She was worried about not getting pregnant. There is no absolute Yin, or absolute Yang, there is a bit of Yin in Yang, and there is a bit of Yang in Yin.