Bee Propolis is Venomous to Cancer Cells! – My Kid Cures Cancer

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Honey and a mixture of honey, beeswax and oliveoil-propolis extract in treatment of chemotherapy inducedoral mucositis: A randomized controlled pilot study. A group of 40 women was given either 500mg of propolis or placebo twice a day for nine months. Boyanova L, Derejian S, Koumanova R, et al. Boyanova L, Derejian S, Koumanova R, et al. Many tinctures contain high levels of alcohol and should be avoided during pregnancy. (See book keywords and concepts) One teaspoon of bee propolis in a homeopathic solution is combined with extracts of red clover and licorice root. A 0.5 milliliter propolis nasal spray (Nivcrisol®) has been used once weekly for five months in preschool children (average age six years) and school-age children (mean age nine years) over a five-month period to treat respiratory infections.

Here are some natural, gentle remedies to prevent or treat your dog’s kennel cough. Get all the details and claim your exclusive free gift for Natural Living Ideas readers at the link below… Nevertheless, even although this an outstanding rap sheet of what propolis can do, I thinkyou will locate bee pollen to be the better decision. A dose of 10 milliliters of 0.2% to 10% propolis ethanol extract mouthwash (swished in the mouth for 60-90 seconds, then spit out) has been used once or twice daily for dental plaque. 25 In 2009. Oedema – Aloe Drinking Gel. The main solvents used for extraction of bioactive compounds and other chemical compounds extracted are determined in Tables and .

Planta Med . TOPICAL For herpes labialis (cold sores), a particular 3% propolis ointment (Coldsore-FX or Herstat by Afexa) applied at the first indication of cold sores five times every day until relieve of symptoms, has been utilized. Antifungal components include pinocembrin, pinobanksin, caffeic acid. This accounts for the energy burst you feel after eating a sugary snack. Based on anti-inflammatory effects observed in laboratory research, propolis has been proposed as a possible treatment for rheumatic and other inflammatory diseases. The CAPE compounds in the propolis reportedly inhibit cancer cell growth particularly in prostate, cervical, nose, and throat, breast, bladder, and pancreas cancers. should exercise caution and consult with their physician before using propolis.

Initial human research reports possible benefits against bacteria in the mouth, genital herpes, urine bacteria, intestinal giardia infections, or H. Individuals who are taking antibiotics are frequently encouraged to take probiotics to aid in the conservation of great bacteria in the intestinal tracts. [xvii] I should note as well that even though this statement deals with solid cancers, as mentioned above, there have been many successful propolis studies on leukemia and other cancers of the blood as well. These drugs will work to stop breakouts and many patients report that they effectively prevent sores from appearing altogether. I’ve seen mega supplement brands produce a propolis product and I just can’t believe that it is authentic. These supplements promote vitality and growth- longer hair, healthy nails. Royal jelly.

Bee Propolis Dosage Herpes They are quite painful and lead to a crusty sore that lasts seven to twelve days. Using propolis to treat herpes may decrease the severity of an outbreak and propolis cream or ointment may heal the infection quicker. . Propolis didn’t disappoint – it exhibited ‘very good’ anti-AGE activities. Advise people with asthma or allergies not to use royal jelly. I suggest you should start with half a cube and work up. Better studies are needed.

This study on the anti-viral effects of bee propolis was reported in the August 12, 2009 issue of Phytomedicine. Propolis has been effectively used in treatment of dermatological, laryngological, and gynecological problems, neurodegenerative diseases, in wound healing, and in treatment of burns and ulcers. Cold sores. Oil of Oregano is very strong and will burn unless it is diluted with something like olive oil. There are a number of bee propolis products available in the market today; however, the quality of the propolis produced is based on the environmental conditionals and access to coniferous resins and poplar buds available to the bees. Cardile V, Panico A, Gentile B, et al. It acts as a vasodilator and can help increase blood flow.

However, we do not recommend applying bee propolis directly to the eyes (see Safety Issues ). In this case, the virus is vigorously infecting the skin on or around the genitalia. It is frequently used in foods and beverages with the claim that it can maintain or improve health. It was one of very few natural medicine projects to receive such an award. It is a resinous compound made primarily from tree sap, and contains biologically active compounds called flavonoids, which come from its plant source. Bees use the propolis to insulate their hives and prevent invasion of organisms detrimental to the health of the hive. But there are three others, unbeknownst to many, that are just as useful to humans — maybe even more: bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis.