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As a matter of fact, the air indoors is often much worse than outdoors because of the smaller area of confinement. The exact cause is unknown, although it is thought to be when the facial nerve becomes inflamed, possibly due to a viral infection. Anti-imflamatory prednisone was shown to have a positive impact if taken within 72 hours of symptonsAnti-viral Valacyclovir results were inconclusive if taken by itself without prednisone. She only takes the Acyclovir as needed for a short period of time when she feels a fever blister coming on. Some folks follow up with a neurologist just to be sure the diagnosis is correct. Surgery to correct the disc that pinches the sciatic nerve, if this is the cause. It can happen at any altitude over 8,000 feet and usually occurs during the initial ascent.

The disorder has also been associated with influenza or a flu-like illness, headaches, chronic middle ear infection, high blood pressure, diabetes, sarcoidosis, tumors, Lyme disease, and trauma such as skull fracture or facial injury. In severe cases, the condition can be improved with corticosteroids or antiviral medications. Brahmi Capsules – 1 Capsule twice a day with plain water after meals. What kinds of tests do I need? The first role is with your metabolism, but it also plays very large roles in your nervous system as well as with the formation of your red blood cells. Take over-the-counter pain relievers. (2) Should I be concerned and hence get retested for HIV keeping in mind that I recieved a negative test result 1 month ago and 7 months ago?

► It is four times more likely to occur in diabetic individuals. When either of the nerves becomes inflamed or swollen, it can be pinched by the bone. If you develop symptoms of Bell’s palsy, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Facial palsy can be managed via anti-inflammatory and antivirals agents Always follow your doctor’s treatment plan. Muscle control is either inadequate or completely missing. Increased pressure from the swelling further constricts the nerve and interrupts the blood supply causing death of nerve cells. It is thought that an inflammatory condition leads to swelling of the facial nerve.

The swelling affects the normal function of the facial nerve and blood vessels. • Tape your eye closed to protect it during the day and also before your sleep. There is NO Better way than accepting it. But they did hamper me, especially when they caused me to stumble into Wegmans as if I had just celebrated my last semester in college with ten shots of Alabama slammers during Ladies Night at The Inn Between. However, randomized, controlled trials of the drugs failed to show benefit for the treated groups, and then there are the side effects. The hallmark of this condition is a rapid onset of partial or complete palsy that often occurs overnight. However, studies and statistics reveal that the frequency of its occurrence is more in pregnant women, diabetes patients and those infected with Lyme disease.

I’ve had Ramsay Hunt Syndrome 8 times over 30 years, and have been prescribed Valtrex to take forever… Although bells palsy is not life threatening, it does traumatise the patient physically and psychologically who may be unable to come to terms with the tragedy. The eyelids on the affected side cannot close. Scientists believe a viral infection is most often the cause of the palsy, with herpes simplex (the common cold-sore virus), herpes zoster (the shingles virus) and viral meningitis bringing on the condition most often. Honestly, we don’t know. Older people are more likely to get Bell’s palsy, but children are not immune to it. To determine other medical conditions or medical history for tumor, lyme disease, stroke.

Quite literally, most of my patients with this condition report being exposed to air conditioning drafts for extended periods of time, working in a refrigerated environment, or other unusual condition involving cold drafts to the face. The pain is quite sharp and it makes it hard to speak, eat and even drink. Currently, there is no known cure for Bell’s palsy; however, recovery usually begins two weeks to six months from the onset of the symptoms. Bell’s palsy is not considered permanent, but in rare cases, it does not disappear. Symptoms usually start to improve within a few weeks, with complete recovery in about six months. Research has discovered that most cases can be traced to herpes simplex 1, the virus that causes cold sores. This condition is poorly understood, but is thought to arise from a virus called the herpes simplex virus.

Well after a 10 days of sitting on the sofa, yes!! (2002), Kiiko Matsumoto’s Clinical Strategies, In The Spirit Of Master Nagano, Vol. It is caused by the 7th cranial nerve and this condition is called Bell’s Palsy.