how not to fix your mates steering column

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car must be fine. But seriously, 11s from a Commodore? hmm need to go buy that lotto ticket! Damn, I can’t believe the difference the wheels make to your car!! Suspension specifications, including the anti-roll bars, are less aggressive than the ClubSport when the XU8 is aimed at buyers who require a dual purpose everyday business and weekend performance vehicle. So go and make them holes! I have all my original parts wrapped up in the garage incase I ever sell the car.

as i already have SSVs i just wanted to see quickly what they could look like and the combinations of silver, stickered, half stickered, or black. Apparently, so long as you can win one sales race, or championship now.. If the old remote was working they can pretty much copy and paste the signal. All times are GMT +11. The time now is 01:59 PM. first ive heard about it. Black paint door handles and windscreen surround moldings.

Without the valve, the rear brakes lock up before the front brakes. Cant wait to go pick it up in late December as its interstate! I still have my hopes of a V1 and SR7 integrated into the DIC. As of this post, no one has located where the temperature is stored in the cluster memory (pretty sure it’s not in the eeprom), so we have no way to update it. Whats a rough price I would expect to buy a Mof Coke Stang for? The grounds were a great mix of stunning vehicles with a sprinkling of bad taste. Cant wait to wack the custom Sandman stripes we are doing on.

that guy had been stirring up the forum all day. I am completely unbiased (current employee) but you’ve only got to have a look at some of these cars and you’ll know that Holden has always had some of the best most talented people in the industry. this can be fixed by upgrading to the FE2 suspension pack … Entries close at midnight (EST) on Thursday the 13th of May 2010. Thats because you need to drill 3 holes, obviously. Was I expecting too much from Holden. As said mate happy to help with transport where needed.

ha… Maybe one of the DY4 HZ or DX5 HZ I could do some dodgey photochops if you like. Nothing worse than doing the passenger side then the low bem or something goes just after!! any help appreciated. thanks to all who have had an input into it, blocker, Absinth, stickthis, agro, ozbox. What a sexi Ute! If that is original paint (or original colour) on the second one down in the first picture I’d love to buy it off you.

We spoke for a little and he was thinking of selling it, I hope I talked him out of it! seats themselves are rusty and not salvagable though. (no im not tellin where..! I wote the hq-wb tyre placard info in the holdenpedia. See if you can get a photo of the BODY plate of Brock’s VB rally car too! HQ..there is technically 2 types of blank columns for hq…first style spans 1971 to 1973 and maybe early 74 but ive never verified that. one tank seems to be lasting around 600k s, mind you that’s me driving it like a granny just to see how much i can get out of a tank.

As long as you don’t cross the wires there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s hard to read in the photo, but very clear in person. It’s in the readers rides section of the latest street commodores magazine & also entered in the repco performance guide 3 cover car comp so please vote for my baby…_all&Itemid=66 I’ve been working on a new mount for the guages, here’s where I’m up to so far. But it was not designed, released or sold as a Sandman. I’m considering on changing to a set of genuine 19″ VX GTS’s with 245/35 rubber. saw a car the other day. Here’s the ute to start with as i know everyone loves pictures…

Yes in my HZ sandman ute! Finally we have reproduced them. The memcal provided has been based on the HSV XU6 performance tune which produce 180kw from the factory, up from the standard 171kw. I’ve got a K+N performance filter (not a pod), and am looking at a supercharger kit and computer/chip upgrade. The shell is in great condition. Have been thinking the same of late. The j’s here is 101.5 I think it’s 104.7 the crappy commercial station I call JJP.

Originally Posted by turbo monte There is a guy that just dyno’d 718whp using a turbonetics 75mm on pump fuel+meth on around 24psi. i picked up this 1974 HQ ute for $600!.. My Vt Hsv Xu6 – LOTS of new pics, VX Calais rear lights and Video up!!!