I posted before Christmas on this subject (here and in Chat).

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Basically, I have a close family member who gets cold sores. But two of my mums also get cold-sores (more regularly than me, we all sympathise with each other as know how bad they can be), one of my DD gets cold-sores, but NONE of the children get them, my DH and my other DD have never had them either. So had, this a few months ago, started off with it being a coldsore (don’t know how long for – just remember asking pharmacist if there was anything I could give him)… However, cold sores can only be passed on by direct skin contact with the sore, not from clothing, although there is a risk if your mum is touching an open sore and then touching your baby’s mouth or bottle. It was made worse by dd1 having an aggressive reaction to it and ending up in hospital unable to eat or drink and barely able to breathe. I get them, and I hate them. Now I might just be panicking but I know first ever cold sores are dangerous to newborns.

My friend does everything she can to raise awareness in the hope of preventing this from happening to any other family. It’s a virus, you do have to catch it, BUT it is a tricky wily little virus whose full name is herpes simplex virus. 1) I ate a bag of nuts yesterday (about 75g all for me, ahem). The just gave her a generic Zovirax cream so you can buy it over the counter. I have suffered from cold sores on my face for 20 years. That looked worse than the blister for a few days and then seemed to fade. We’ve all had a horrid half term with coughs/colds/sore throats/gunky eyes.

Coldsore sufferers should cut down on foods containing a lot of A (peanuts, popcorn, chocolate, cashew nuts, oatmeal, raisins, sesame and sunflower seeds) and eat more stuff containing a lots of L (cheese, milk, potatoes). There are some patches you can buy from the pharmacist which stick over the cold sore and help stop the cells shedding (and provide ever so slightly more protection from babies who tend to grab mummies whenever they’re held). If you want to wait to speak to your GP first before using any drugs then try some natural remedies. Bombarding a cold sore on the lips with really thick applications of lip balm helps it disappear faster. Also, if it’s that it can be easily transmitted to babies eyes so extra vigilant hygiene is very important. A friend recommended compeed patches which worked really well, no icky scabs or messystem stuff and I felt better with the kids around. I have 3 DC, the youngest is 16 weeks.

More and more people develop an aversion to chemical agents at minor health complaints. I have to admit that given chemist is now shut, I may just use the teeny tiniest amount to try and stop it spreading. Today my friend asked for a cuddle so i passed him to her. I start feeling a bit better then get hit with something else. Anyway, I did a lot of research and spoke to my gynaecologist, the general consensus is that if we had protected sex when he didn’t have a break out the risks are minimal. Women have been sharing the most offensive – and in some cases hilarious – things people have said to them in a new online thread. That’s interesting, because my view is based on entirely the opposite!

For many, New Year’s Eve is a time for Champagne, celebrations with loved ones and – if you’re lucky – a little romance. Popular parenting website Mumsnet might just have witnessed its best post of all time – after a parent detailed their concerns about DINOSAURS. Do you always have a stock of avocados in the fruit bowl, shop at Waitrose and possess a National Trust membership? Everything had been going fine with my pregnancy until the 18-week scan. Having a baby can be scary – especially if you don’t have much experience with children. It may have once been traditional for boys to play football and girls to do ballet but nowadays many children feel free to take up activities regardless of gender. One mother sparked a very heated debate when she took to Mumsnet to complain about people swearing in front of young children – with some agreeing that it was ‘disgusting’ and others branded her a ‘snob’.

It is supposed to be a caring network of mothers seeking advice about pregnancy and parenting. It’s well known that young people are living at home for longer as getting onto the property ladder becomes ever more difficult. A humidifier is particularly useful during the winter months, when the warm mist can make the difference between a contented and a disturbed night’s sleep for a child with a cold or a cough.