Knowledgable Herp Vets

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Temperatures that are too cool: The animal literally cannot move; his muscles are shut down until he gets warmer. If the animal is small enough, bring it to the office in a carrier. Linda T. Bottom line, I would recommend Dr. Harris moved to Dallas where she practiced for 12 years on small animals and exotic pets. Dietary and environmental requirements should be reviewed, and every lizard should be dewormed when purchased. Folland sounds like the most promising vet so far…

Thanks for including the photo. Manual ventilations may be given with a syringe of appropriate volume. The Chameleon Information Network Information and care on these more delicate lizards. Need a Herp Vet? Need a Herp Vet? Good questions. There have been instances where both snakes have grabbed for the same prey item, and one suffocated the other by attempting to swallow the opposing snake’s head after swallowing the prey.

Need a Herp Vet? Person is detailed and thorough…very good first impression! It usually manifests itself with the lizard developing swollen limbs, a misshapen spine or a deformed jaw. Another method of eradicating mites from snakes involves the use of 5% SevinTM dust (carbaryl powder). Rabbits begin approaching sexual maturation when older than three months (depending on the breed, nutritional status and health) and at that time, they may begin attacking each other. With their secretive nature, this is the only way to get the “true” picture of you pet reptile’s health. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Award and the “Educator of the Year” award, granted twice, from the Western Veterinary Conference.

For that, you will need a qualified herp veterinarian whom you trust and who can take the necessary radiographs (X-rays) and perform any other tests necessary to diagnose what is causing your bearded dragon’s lameness. Digestive disease, urinary disease, overgrown teeth, hairballs, cancer, and other infections are common. Our doctors have a special interest in – and have received training for – the care of most exotic pets. If you are looking for a herp-knowledgeable veterinarian in your area, a good place to start is by checking the list of members on the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarian (ARAV) web site at Your herp vet should not be offended if you ask if it might be helpful to receive a consultation regarding your gecko. At no point have I ever felt pressured to do anything that was unnecessary or inappropriate. When I’m not in the field I’m writing reports about the results of our field surveys.

She hardly moves around, it seems almost like her back legs are partially paralyzed. is a licensed veterinarian, treating all types of pets and animals. I’d like to try that before I take them to the vet and stress them out by having lots of tests done (especially Quinn, who’s gravid again). We are an exotic-only animal hospital with a wide range of services available to you and your pet. Our specialists are also happy to consult with your primary care veterinarian for cases that may be referred to Angell’s Avian and Exotic Medicine Service. We make your pet’s health a top priority and our daily focus and we are dedicated to providing excellent client service each and every time you call or come in. She has treated all creatures great and small from rabbits, rats and ferrets to parrots and primates.

We may even be able to flavor your pet’s medication to make it a little more tasty. To administer it correctly, each snake must be precisely weighed and the medication should be administered by subcutaneous injection once a week for three treatments. Other reasons for a lump on the foot (and it would have been more helpful if you could have provided me with a more succinct description or even photos of the foot) could include a localized abscess, cellulitis, edema, trauma from a burn or other type of injury, parasitic lesion, gout or retained skin from not shedding completely. When dealing with any DVM or Veterinarian Hospital, always ask about the doctors experience with reptiles  to make sure they have experience in treating reptiles for any health issues. Paralowie Veterinary Surgery provides a full range of high quality medicine for these special animals, including radiography, full lab testing and anesthesia for wound care or minor surgery. Bring your fish to Arizona Exotics! We all know that there’s nothing more important than a happy, healthy pet!

Our medical staff specializes in many facets of wellness & illness care, internal medicine, diagnostics services, such as; digital x-ray, ultrasound & in-house blood analyzers for organ function and disease detection, cancer treatments, orthopedic evaluations & surgery, critical & emergency care, behavior & pocket pet health care, just to name a few. Can it be treated? Not only will your turtle suffer less, if it gets treatment early, the treatment is likely to be shorter, simpler, and therefore less costly.