newbie, zapper for hiv and swollen lymph nodes? Thanks at Zapper Support Forum, topic 1503611

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I purchased a kind of L-G and tried it as a bubble shot during those weeks that Dr. In order to determine whether an ejaculate from a donor with a previously positive ejaculate can rightfully be assumed positive, series of ejaculates collected over a time period of 4 years were analyzed longitudinally from 11 herpesvirus-positive donors. Grey areas show total normalization. But it´s $134 and sounds like a scam. Petersburg on Wednesday when the rhesus macaque monkey was spotted. A very strong but short magnetic pulse 1 tesla (10,000 gauss) or more induces an induction current in cells and body fluids that is able to kill or disable microbes. They were more comfortable with the one that had the crystal in it.

When we’re sitting, all the acids are going to rush towards the positive electrode, which is, there are two different zappers that are electrodes copper disc, one’s positive, one’s a ground. But I really feel that I have been called to do this. Hulda Clark. I will try the ultimate zapper i’ve read of it before. The doctors did pronounce her cured. The blister and I had clear sailing for a long time though  you bet I repeated the EFT protocol any time I felt the slightest tingle or even imagined I might feel a tingle. IF SHE’S RIGHT that the ‘zapper'[and other similar similar electro-medicine devices]can kill virises,bacteria,and small parasites easily within the human body,she claims is the cause of most disease,then the immense pharmaceutical industry is out of business.

The surgeon remarked in the papers that the mass was significantly smaller than what showed on original mammogram. Clark claims she can tell that patients are cured as soon as their ortho-phospho-tyrosine test is negative—within days or even a few hours after her treatment is begun. The surgeon remarked in the papers that the mass was significantly smaller than what showed on original mammogram. Robert Becker’s The Body Electric, they are both well written and researched. Clark, her methods, or her results. Leanna Standish said “We’re at a very exciting juncture in medical history, we’re starting to look at the human organism as a bioelectric system, not just an anatomical structure. After the first few days, many clients feel a surge in energy.

Expect everything to get worse before it gets better. Testimonial for zapping pains and headaches The super little tool has been so effective for me since I purchased it. They must have been infecting some of the last bacteria. University medical studies indicate that magnetic therapies can stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain. The influence of DMSO on herpes simplex virus and its attachment and diffusion in cellular cultures was studied. If it can do this with water, why could it not do the same with other water based systems such as the human body? I’m tired of hearing “you’re such a pretty girl, why don’t you have a bf??” 🙁 I don’t want to really try to date some more until I feel like I at least have this thing (more) under control.

I compared DIRPS from my body with DIRPS from a resistive network and found no significant differences! The water, the herbal cleanses and increasing the quantity of live fruits and vegetables overall, is still a super-detoxing activity for all those who are determined to create better health. It will last a lifetime and from my experience, no material item is worth more to me right now. Do you really think a scientist who discovers a cure for AIDS would just keep it quiet to appease a company president? While the zapper is not proven effective against any of these, I would not be stopped or dissuaded from using my zapper in my fight against them. He has been tested again a month ago, with the result now being 8000, a nearly 90% reduction in viral load within 3 months of experimenting with Beck’s Protocol, and completely without the use of drugs. Awards and certificates that you award yourself don’t count in the real world.

According to the U.S. For Dr. If you have never had side effects from the protocol then you aren’t using it. NOW,the FDA, FTC or the PHARMA telling me that it was a scam, an uneffective device? GREAT ZAPPER!!!Clears your head and energizes you with regular use. In humans acute infection with toxoplasmosis gondii can cause brain lesions, changes in personality and symptoms of psychosis including delusions and auditory hallucinations. She wants to attempt the Beck protocols for a minimum of 4 weeks before also submitting the radionics saliva test, and that way, we can both see where we are at,,,, she may go the full 5-6 months on Beck protocols to rid the herpes simplex 1 virus…

Following a zapping program, may involve using 10 – 15 frequency settings over a period of weeks to resolve the disease or illness.