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Cedar siding tends to attract mildew, so wood stains need to repel water. – Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat did not perform well in a cold weather state and on a newly built deck. That translated to 20-25% of a gallon of stain – 2+ LBS of petroleum based hazardous chemicals – evaporating into the air. Roll or spray alone is not a good application method in my opinion. To avoid lap marks, always start at one edge and follow through to the end of the board. Restain depending on sun exposure and wear every 1-2 years. Q-I want to replace bubble skylights on my flat roof with those that will open.

If you apply oil stain to cedar siding with a roller or a spray unit, be sure to backbrush it while it is still quite wet, to help it penetrate the wood more effectively. this bites.. The oxygen bleach comes as a granular powder that mixes with water. I have not run into Penofin – I like Olympic cleaners and stains myself, but I have a couple of neighbors who got very good results using the Behr line in the past couple of years. My issue is coming “close” to what these homes look like with two coats of a natural stain on them. Lap marks can be prevented by staining continuous lengths. Stain for cedar siding also comes with a few disadvantages.

Scrub on the solution with a bristle brush and allow to dry. This is evident when there is peeling on the house and behind the peeling paint is dirt and algae. Drips were a constant headache, as excess paint in the gaps would regularly run down the face of the cedar shakes. Our shingles were guaranteed not to darken or lose the gray color for decades. These  water sources combined with dust and other matter may cause stains on the exposed area of the shingle, which is not the failure of the shingle, paint or stain. If the unit is left on your driveway, try to pick a spot not always in direct sunlight if possible. Another plus, Cole says, is that water-based stains are breathable and bond well to a wide variety of surfaces, even metal flashing.

Timber Pro UV is a 2008 GREEN LOG Homes & Lifestyle 1st Place Award Winner! Allow the mixture to sit on the siding for 15 minutes. The presence of old stain or loose wood fibers on the tape could indicate a potential moisture problem. , this auction is almost over and you’re currently the high bidder. And if you want to use stain, I’d suggest either Armstrong Clark or Woodtux. Straight up 2 coats of stain with appropriate prep (wash down and brightener). ft.

Does it have to be more than water and glycol for the products to be very different? The FSC label thus provides the link between responsible production and consumption and thereby enables the consumer to make socially and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions. When the shingles above are stained, there will be a lap mark. Nothing freshens up a home quite like a fresh coat of stain to set the right mood for your living space. To choose the right stain, you must first determine your desired balance of color and protection, which is also known as opacity. Traditional stains sit on top of the timber and act as a barrier to the elements without replacing the lost oils. Just like painting the top side of a deck only.

They also wanted a specific color. Just look to the hundred-year-old structures throughout the eastern United States still carrying their original shingles. These tannins are often observed as a reddish-brown discoloration. • Semi-Gloss sheens are particularly durable and are often recommended for mouldings and trim. We specialize in pressure washing, cedar shingle restoration, deck sanding & repair & much more. Untreated, it weathers to a distinctive silver gray color, but Maibec recommends two coats of its opaque, water-borne, low-VOCVolatile organic compound. Requires neutralization with Cabot Problem-Solver Wood Brightener #8003.

For those of you with experience with cedar should I back away slowly and pick something else or try to find a “manufactured” shake that looks 1/2 way decent? House is 20 years old. The previous owner used an opaque stain on it. Does anyone have any favorite, quick ways to pre-prime cedar shingles….not theoretical ones mind you, but ones that work well? Amazing. Cabot® O.V.T.® Solid Color Oil Stains combine the best features of stain and paint. My house was built in 1978 with a cedar shake exterior.

SBC is always proud to serve customers better. Important Coverage Information: Full Strength: 200 Sq. Q. In siding as in much else, the “natural look” is in vogue these days, with many customers wanting to leave their cedar or redwood siding unpainted and unstained.