Selenium Biologic Applications

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Selenium in water may result from the weathering of rocks, Selenium absorption by plants is highest when the soil is alkaline and when the selenium is in the form of inorganic compounds which dissolve readily in water and do not adsorb to soil particles. This was abolished by the feeding of baker’s yeast instead. Bij steeds terugkerende, langdurige infecties. Dr. It has been used in conjunction with vitamin E to help prevent muscle disorders (tying-up) in some horses. Bij steeds terugkerende, langdurige infecties. Alfalfa is useful in the treatment of arthritis, urinary tract, kidney and bladder infections, as well as prostate disorders.

Selenium is present in several enzymes which prevent oxidative stress, such as dehydrogenases, glutathione peroxidases, superoxide dismutase, glycine reductase, thioredoxin reductase and hydrogenase. Reference to ‘traditional use’ reflects well-documented common use, by ordinary people, over many years, often in more than one country. In studies, it has especially been shown to fight viral diseases such as herpes and performed well in tests against HIV and AIDS. Zinc has been found to be effective for treating diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and zinc deficiency. People in other parts of the world, however, may be more likely to have selenium deficiencies, due to low soil levels and, therefore, low food levels of selenium. RESULTS: In both trials, the nutriceutical induced significantly faster healing (P < 0.01-0.05) with reduced incidence of relapses (P < 0.05) as compared to control groups, which was confirmed by decreased viral load and increased antiviral cytokine and peroxynitrite plasma levels. Plasma α-T concentration and glutathione peroxidase (GPX) activity increased with each increment in α-T and selenium 24 h post-LPS treatment.
To arrive at their conclusions, Lance and his SWOG team used data from SELECT, a prostate cancer prevention trial that enrolled an astonishing 35,533 healthy men – 21 percent men of color – in just 33 months at 427 study sites the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There is some evidence that low selenium levels may be linked to first-trimester miscarriages and recurrent miscarriages. Phycocyanin was shown to protect the integrity of the renal cell by stabilizing the free radical mediated LPO and protein carbonyl as well as low molecular weight antioxidants and antioxidative enzymes in renal cells. If you are looking for further organization in you life, consider Stephen Covey’s First Things First and working with his daytimer system. This is all related to your body and minds nutritional deficiencies. Its name derives from the Greek word for moon, which is “selene”. It is hard to consider Keshan disease extremely preventable because the only way to ensure that the individual is getting enough selenium would be to test the soil in the area.

Other studies have repeatedly suggested that selenium levels are inversely linked to cancer incidence rates, while selenium supplementation with either organic or inorganic forms of selenium reduces the incidence of several types of cancer. Selenium is an essential trace mineral important for cognitive function, a healthy immune system and fertility for both men and women. Selenium may slow signs of aging due to the oxidative processes and help maintain tissue elasticity and resilience. Genomic sequences of viruses isolated from copper-adequate and -deficient mice were identical. § 321(p) because they are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the uses recommended or suggested in their labeling. Passwater, Ph. Curb decay inside the body – cell degeneration (from Aspalathox, Vitamins A, C and E, Manganese and Selenium).

Someone told him the selenium was responsible for blood pressure issue. When the vegans were separated from the lacto-ovo vegetarians, it did not change the findings for either group. From time-to-time, our system might experience bugs or glitches that affect the accuracy or correct application of mathematical algorithms. This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient required for proper cell functioning, regulation of calcium, strong bones and teeth. Furthermore, studies have shown that selenium could also be used to slow the effects of asthma, lupus and diabetes. When he got with the television people who station is owned by big pharmacy they gave Jerry Lewis a lot of money and stop the Jerry Lewis telethon for muscular dystrophy.

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