The Essence of Herbs

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Spleen tonics are therefore often accompanied by herbs that smooth and emolliate the liver. Pungent flavors have a particular affinity for the lung network. Hsu HY and Hsu CS, Commonly Used Chinese Herb Formulas with Illustrations, 1980 Oriental Healing Arts Institute, Long Beach, CA. It is sweet, cold, LV,LU,LI, ST, clears LI heat, cooling to blood, good for heavy period, UTI (urinary tract infections), clears skin, good for lactating women, LU dampness, coughs. Chan Tui and Fang Feng both strongly dispel wind and are both major ingredients in the treatment of all atopic conditions due to their anti-allergic effect. The results are: 1. Qi Gong (Meditation) – Meditation is another highly effective tool.

As Zhang Jingyue, master physician of the Ming dynasty, put it: “This dim state of consciousness during dreaming, or the elusive visions we see meandering during nocturnal sleep, all fall under the category of hun.” Hun, in other words, can be understood as an ethereal type of consciousness which can separate from the body during sleep and interact with other “souls” (as hun is often translated) during this time. For phlegm mist obstructing the orifices with fever, yielding symptoms of convulsion, skin rash, and nasal congestion. The tongue is the only muscle that you can see and reflects what the muscles look like inside; that’s how much they’re nourished. The vitamin C can also boost the immune system in fighting the cough. In Chinese medicine they call this spleen deficiency. The Body’s Qi is relatively intact. The choice of acupoints in the spleen meridian is of primary importance for eczema patients and it takes a qualified practitioner to identify them correctly.

Dry skin can occur in a short amount of time (sudden onset) or it can happen over long periods of time, becoming dryer and dryer over months or years. Bill Schoenbart has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since 1991, when he earned a Masters degree in TCM. Too much cold in the body can come from a lack of physical activity, exposure to a cold environment or eating too many cooling foods such as raw foods which are considered cold. Actions: It is very good for deficiency of Qi and blood. With these cold remdies, the cold and flu truly don’t have to get you down. Reishi mushroom has traditionally been used to build Qi, strengthen resistance against disease, and improve energy levels during times of weakness and fatigue. The involvement of the feet should always alert the practitioner to a possible digestive connection.

I administered regular acupuncture treatments over a period of two weeks, and also prescribed two weeks’ worth of a Chinese herbal brew which involved cooking the herbs at his home and taking them daily. This priceless herbal combination is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial; it also has a broad range of applications for all kinds of stubborn skin diseases. This is typically the situation when there are genetic disorders or permanent damage that cannot be entirely reversed, problems of aging, and ailments that have been left for too long without effective treatment. Mouth ulcer may be an early sign of something else being wrong. Coffee, in particular, should be avoided in skin conditions, since it heats up the blood, further increasing the wind. We ask about their hearing, we ask about their respiratory system. Classical formulas relied on classical Shang Han Lun approach (six divisions) and Wen Bing (four levels) to treat infections.

From this point on, I just thought it might be fun to share with you some of the other ingredients that I’ve accrued in my Asian pantry that applies to Chinese cooking. Chop up some garlic and ginger and tomatoes in wedges. It is important to keep your Qi strong as it your vital source of your body. Licorice Root, Gan Cao (甘草) is a potent antiviral agent and can be used to treat flu, herpes, and even hepatitis. The formula Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Gentiana Drain Fire) is most often the remedy of choice. 3. Qi stagnation causes a feeling of distention or soreness that fluctuates in intensity and location.

Lemon and peppermint are cooling but peppermint also helps to promote the release of the ‘wind-heat pathogen’ by opening the pores and honey will moisten a dry throat. Various concepts of Wind are found in books on traditional medicine, and many of those go beyond the boundaries established in old manuscripts and are not easily understood. The median age of symptom onset is 40, with only 25% of patients under the age of 30, most of those in their late 20s. If the pathogenic cold attacks the body surface leading to a closing of the pores and obstruction of the flow of defensive yang qi, it is manifested by the symptom of aversion to cold. Sweet Rice USED IN Japan / pounded to make Mochi Congee 1 cup rice, 6-10 cups water.