The Unusual Case of Clive Wearing

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Angie indicated satisfaction with her life on all the questions (29/35), which is well above the mean of 16.2 reported of nearly 900 individuals with traumatic brain injury living in the community a median of 7 years post injury (Sokol, Heinemann, Bode, Shin, & Van de Venter, 1999). At the beginning of each song, the examiner presented SZ with the sheet music and asked him whether he recognized the name of the song and whether he remembered having played the song before. As a final analysis of the data, independent samples t-tests were carried out to compare each patient group with controls at each period on the three measures. There was no significant Group effect (F3,22 = 2.26, N.S.) or Group × Period effect (F6,44 = 0.97, N.S.). ↑ Squire, LR, Schmolck H, Stark S. By randomly mixing TP and elemental control pairs within each phase in this experiment, subjects cannot anticipate the relative difficulty of the item to appear next, and thus, task-level motivational differences for the two tasks can be eliminated. In NC sessions the clinician produced 28% of the total 554 RSEs (participant RSEs = 400; clinician RSEs = 154), and in amnesia sessions the clinician produced 32% of the total 273 RSEs (participant RSEs = 185, clinician RSEs = 88).

Third, we carried out several analyses that provide a clearer basis for conclusions than in previous studies: LSJ’s performance was evaluated before and after practice with a detailed note-by-note analyses and subjective whole-piece performance judgments made by a group of musicians. Hamer (1987b). 5 C–E). Paranoid delusions/ideations are associated with excessive fear or anxiety. 2009 Sep. The proposed evaluation of the intervention will consist of checking whether it has been successful in its aim and the reasons behind this outcome. SZ, completely unaware that he and his orchestra had just finished performing a nearly 2-hour long concert, replied, “I think we’ll probably start here in a few minutes.” In a previous unpublished experiment, SZ was asked to play the song, “You Raise Me Up” (as performed by Josh Groban) eight consecutive times in a 22-minute period, taking a 30–60 second break in between each rendition.

Neuropsychology, Vol. Reed and Squire used the same three phases to introduce the TP task, but for the three- and six-pair elemental tasks they introduced all pairs simultaneously from the outset of practice. Then one day, while talking with her mother, she sat down at the piano and rested her hands on the keyboard. The anatomic lesions of TLE naturally relate to the temporal lobe and, depending on the area damaged, will give rise to different auras (Table 15.1). Hypnosis is also used as a means to put the person in a receptive state for questions that may overcome the amnesia. In addition, during this review, turn and speaker boundaries for each RSE were reviewed, and nine RSEs were reinterpreted as simply continuations of adjacent episodes. Neuropsychological assessment.

(2004), the proportion of participants who generated the exemplar was .47 averaged across exemplars. Domb & K. One might wonder about the quality of life for the anterograde amnesia patient. Thirty‐six healthy younger adults (age range: 18–28; mean age = 23.1, SE = 0.5) and 36 older adults (age range: 57–84; mean age = 68.5, SE = 1.3) with no known pathology were recruited from the volunteer participant pool at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest and participated in exchange for monetary compensation. Motor skill learning — This memory system is associated with physical movement and activity. White matter lesions were also observed both in the temporal stem region containing the white matter pathways running between medial and more lateral temporal structures, and in the more inferior pathways to and from the hippocampal region in the forebrain. Like areas of common knowledge, personal areas of expertise are well-learned, frequently accessed, and used in a variety of contexts.

Electroencephalography (EEG) found no seizure activity, although it did reveal diffuse background slowing. Summer was used as the reference category for the seasonal analysis, while the month of June was used for the monthly analysis. Less likely explanations are malignant gliomatous transformation of hippocampal hamartoma or spread of malignant tissue from his optic nerve glioma. Damage to his hippocampus destroyed Clive’s ability to transfer short-term memory to long-term, creating a “moment to moment” consciousness. Two other patients with large lesions of the medial temporal lobe (atrophy of both the hippocampus and the parahippocampal gyrus) exhibited retrograde amnesia covering at least two or three decades depending on the test, and they performed consistently more poorly than the three patients who had limited hippocampal damage [8•]. A pre‐ and post‐therapy picture naming and an attribute verification task allowed us to assess the therapy effects at the end of therapy and 1 year later. An impairment in remote memory indicates retrograde amnesia, whereas the inability to learn new information indicates anterograde amnesia.