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Immunenergy (Shi Quan Da Bu Wan) is a well-known tonic for the immune system. If somebody has a glossy white face color, the lungs are healthy. The formulas in Table 2 are indicated for throat disorders; the herb ingredients listed in Table 1 are specified and the indications are from Commonly Used Herb Formulas with Illustrations. If a stiff tongue is accompanied by a bright red tongue body, this usually indicates heat in the Heart and Pericardium disturbing the Shen (Spirit). And although sometimes we can’t help getting sick or feeling a little under the weather, it is important to remember that the cause of an imbalance may be occurring from events in your life. Natural Herbal Therapy: Consider Restore the Middle Way formula Internal Wind Damp Cold – Wind Damp Heat Wind-Damp would produce symptoms as above but with erratic patterns, moving from one place to the next as in migrating arthritic pains, and appearing and disappearing as in rashes moving from place to place. Avoid dairy if you are prone to excess mucus or cysts.

Get the latest health & wellness advice delivered straight to your inbox, and check out our other newsletters. Conditions that may arise from a spleen imbalance in TCM terms are wide and varied starting with a range of digestive issues (poor appetite, bloating, reflux, diarrhea) to systemic issues (fatigue, poor thinking, muscle weakness, loss of control of muscles, cysts) and more. This is indeed serious and warrants taking your health and your family’s health very seriously – but we do not need to indulge any fear fantasies or “what if” scenarios gone mad. . Though the Western colonoscopy was negative, the festering wound has healed. For tonsillitis, combine with Chuan Xin Lian. Relative excess of Heat causes pores to open during the Yin most times.

Lack of, or poor, ascending circulation [of the spleen qi] is due to irregular meals and improper food intake, emotional trauma and mental or physical exhaustion. The head is easily affected by Yang pathogens such as heat and wind. A congested liver was thought to result from insufficient blood, rich and spicy food, and repressed anger and resentment. Organic if possible. Avoid foods that are greasy, deep-fried, barbecued, and spicy, as they can irritate the throat. For us men Propolis is offered processed by beekeepers and pharmacists for example, an ointment or tincture. A collection of dampness and heat may lead to such problems as inflammation, allergies (especially food allergies), high blood sugar, weight gain and urinary tract infections.

*some schools classify warm, cool, neutral, warm, and hot thermal properties differently so there will be some discrepancies between various Chinese dietary systems. Stagnant qi causes pain, urinary problems, lower abdominal pain and distention, sciatica, premenstrual nipple sensitivity, irritability, depression and headaches. Once this is formed, it may flow upward and cause tongue pain. Use only as directed. Just when you thought flu season was over, a nasty strain of influenza attacks. oz.Cold Sore Remedy Tincture contains herbs used internally and topically for Canker Sores, Cold Sores, Disinfectant, Herpes, Infection, Lesions, Mouth Problems, and Shingles.