Treating Winter/Fall Allergies with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Representative Formulas: Ginseng and Ginger Combination (Lizhong Tang), Fill the Spleen Formula; Magnolia and Atractylodes Combination (Shipi Yin). The tongue typically presents with a dry body and little or no coating; the pulse tends to be fine and rapid. Iwasaki K, et al., Traditional Chinese medicine Banxia Houpu Tang improves swallowing reflex, Phytomedicine 6(2): 102-106. Mushroom: shitakee LV, ST. The pain is due to the status of the blood. C) Positive Thinking: Finding a way to cultivate happiness every day will go a long way toward helping those diagnosed with cancer. The eyes are nourished by the essence of all five organ networks, and thus differentiated into five organ specific zones which may reveal important diagnostic information.

Besides clearing heat and transforming phlegm, it is effective for dispersing constrained qi, eliminating irritability, and calming the mind. DEMARCATIONS The demarcations that you look for are cracks or raised areas. Dose is 3 or 4 capsules with each meal daily. It can also occur after childbirth, after hemorrhage, or after an illness that weakens Qi or Yin. This includes food allergens; although food allergies are a very individual matter, common irritants may include wheat, corn, dairy, soy, peanuts, eggs, beef, and lamb. Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the natural therapies you can choose to help resolve this condition. Precaution: It should not be taken if patients got the common cold.

It’s essential that patients strive to seek treatment soon after it appears, in order to experience the best results for a complete recovery. All of these variants can be equally well treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine by paying close attention to each individual’s exact presentation. Some patents from China contain only Western drugs (and say so on the box, in Chinese), but purchasers may be unaware of this because they are told only that this is an effective remedy that came from China. It’s a combination of the facial expression, complexion, the quality of the voice. The Gan Mao Ling Formula. Explore the history of traditional Chinese medicine and learn how these ancient remedies — from acupuncture to green tea — are still practiced today. It contains vitamin E, B-complex, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, lecithin, manganese and other trace elements.

Therefore, in TCM, two patients with the same Western medical disease may receive different TCM treatment because the cause of their disease is different. Wind is one of five climates that characterize the five seasons according to a Chinese philosophical principle. The first oral drug approved by the FDA (in 1996) for IC is pentosan polysulfate sodium (tradename: Elmiron). And there is the luminous heart of spirit-shen-which generates qi and blood and thus is the root of life. This is due to their lack of safety and efficacy in treating cold and flu symptoms, and can lead to accidental overdose or harsh side effects. Radix rehmanniae slightly cold, can eliminate hot and humid, bone steaming troubles, and broken blood. Itchiness can be caused by Wind and Dampness.

They work hard all week and run on adrenaline, then collapse on the weekend and get a migraine. • Remove from heat top with green onions and serve. It contains astragalus (huang qi), a herb that some believe can enhance the body’s immune system and offers some antiviral properties. Stomach Yin refers to the fluid of the stomach responsible for moistening and nourishing Stomach tissue. By using it daily you may encourage the formation of collagen in the same way acupuncture on the local area might work. In this case you want to use cooling and aromatic substances. For instance, patients may present with plaques that are fire-engine red, pale pink, or purplish.

Wei Huang so much, he has changed my life, I shall be grateful to him for ever more .“ Mrs. Usually with the following symptoms; cold hand, cold  feet, cold body, diarrhea, stomach pains or discomfort after eating or  drinking cold things, bloating after eating, lack of energy, sore  joints, oedema and fluid retention. Differentiation between anal fissures and hemorrhoids should be taken into consideration. We also recommend that sugar intake is moderate, since spikes in blood sugar level can put a strain on the system and cause inflammation. The lung dominates the skin and hair. The primary feature of rosacea, as the name suggests, is flushing. Also, I will discuss how to balance Qi, blood and circulation to the face to promote healthy and beautiful skin.

During san fu, (each fu 10 days, called chu fu, zhong fu and mo fu), traditional Chinese medicine hospitals are crowded. They ask it in a tone of despair and frustration, because they have already been avoiding various foods on the advice of health writers, bloggers, nutritionists and naturopaths, and yet their skin condition persists. Asthma is a chronic lung disease affecting over two million Canadians.