Update: two days late, BFNs, and rising temps=BFP! symptoms by DPO

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DH thought I was crazy! Absence of pre-AF symptoms: sharp cramps, backache, pimples. Eggwhite type clumps and drying CM. Still have muscle aches, slight dizziness, EXTREMELY sad and weepy. I usually start spotting on CD24 none yet and it is CD 25 so I am not reading too much into and trying not to get too excited! I feel it in my lower back, across the whole “period pain” area at the front, etc. I pray each of you gets your rainbow soon.

15, 2011 10:26pm tiatastic: That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever told me. Another one, a single-dose acyclovir tablet (Sitavig), is put directly on your gums and releases medicine as it dissolves. Decided to test tomorrow if AF doesn’t come DPO 13 BFP on Wondfo. Felt full in lower abdomen. I thought for sure it didn’t work for us this month since it was our first month trying but alas, we are preggo now. Heavy feeling down below – kind of like I have a full bladder, but I dont have to pee. 4dpo Well I have been a busy bee today, had lunch with my parents, saw my adorable 5 month nephew and basically have been relaxing today.

Stabbing pain in breasts (I take that as a bad sign because this to me before AF; with pregnancy it’s soreness in the breasts). So just because it feels like the ol’ hag is around the corner doesn’t always mean it’s true!! 13 DPO – Woke up in morning with very sore lower back. 5) Boobs are REALLY sore, but this is nothing new as this happens every month. I guess after all that has happened in the past 2 weeks, my biggest signs were the breast tenderness (which I never get), the creamy CM (I’m usually completely dry after Oday), and the odd twinges/cramps that were slightly different than AF. So all in all, I’m dropping to bits this month. 33 and TTA (really NTNP)  for now.

12 DPO: Um…..Nothing! Good luck! i tested at 10 dpo and got a faint positive, but very definitely positive. I was exhausted, could not get out of bed, had to take a nap on the couch mid-morning! 7DPO: Sore nipples (WTH?!?). I used a FRER and it was very light but it was there and showed up rather quick. This is very unusual for me, and it never happens around O and rarely for PMS.

Tested with SMU clear blue digital… What do you ladies think?? Primary infection may cause no symptoms at all. cravings? But getting a cold sore and thinking, ‘oh, I wonder if that means I am pregnant’ seems a bit of a stretch, no? This started right after ovulation too, otherwise I usually don’t have that until closer to af. LMP 15/08/11 26/27/28/29 bd ewcm(cd12/13/14/15) 1 dpo 29/08 (CD 15) ewcm 2 dpo – 30/08 (CD 16) lotcm , nau 3 dpo – 31/08 lotcm, ache LHS, insom, LBM (cd 17) 4 dpo – 01/09 wtcm, ache LHS, lwr bk ache, left leg pain, LBM, insom (cd 18) 5 dpo – 02/09 (cd 19) LBM, lwr bk ache, hot fl 6 dpo – 03/09 (cd 20) lotcm, LBM, lwr bk ache, hd ache 7 dpo – 04/09 (cd 21) bd, lwr bk ache, hay fever, hd ache, 8 dpo -( Monday) 05/09 (cd 22) mm, hd ache all day, hay fever, side b ache, nau, LBM, inc app, sore gums, tired 9 dpo – 06/09 (cd 23) tired, brief np pain,sharp brief hd ache, ccm 10 dpo – 07/09 (cd 24)ccm, ache in left np, freq BM.

Totally wrote off the fatigue as a symptom of my cold. Cold sores, bright red sores that appear on the outside of your lips, are extremely painful and irritating. Herpes natural remedies keratosis pilaris – The worst thing you can to limit sugar and water. Free trial migraine treatment fast relief migraines, My name is jim sparling and i’m the president of migraine treatment group. Ask a Doctor Online Now!Oral herpes is also known commonly as cold sores and fever blisters but is different entity from oral canker sores although canker sores may sometimes be associated with HSV infection. Can cause sore breasts menopausal symptoms prometrium and pregnancy questions low progesterone symptoms bbt online login checking standard dose of. To help clear up your herpes infection, keep taking famciclovir for the full time of treatment, even if your symptoms begin to clear up after a few days.

8 dpo – temp dip to 97.99, woke feeling more like myself, but still with a scratchy throat, twinges in uterine area, but I wouldnt call them cramps. At night, bb’s were definitely fuller but not more sore. I hadn’t even really noticed any symptoms because I just wasn’t thinking about it really.